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Fire extinguishers are mandated in most jurisdictions and for good reason. They are the most widely used method of extinguishing small fires.
Tragically, the fact remains that many people are placed in a position of having to decide whether to attempt to extinguish a fire with little to no extinguisher training.

Pyrosoft introduced the first portable fire simulator in 1994 and has been building and redesigning them ever since.
Our original model came with one slide projector and a video projector. Drop a slide of an object into the slide projector and play a pre-recorded video tape of flames over the projected slide image and the object appeared to be burning. Using specially placed multi-segmented LCD material in front of the video projector lens, when voltage was applied to individual LCD segments, they would clear. By controlling the power to certain segments based on where the student was aiming the fire extinguisher nozzle, the fire would extinguish. As the technology improved, notebook computers and their powerful graphics processors replaced the LCD panels but our methodology remains largely the same.

We are continually upgrading our software and adding features to take advantage of the latest advances in computer technology ensuring Pyrosoft continues to deliver the very best in realistic fire simulation, dedicated to hands on fire extinguisher training use.

Fire Extinguisher Training made safe and easy

Fire extinguishers must be handled properly to ensure safety and effectiveness.

With the Pyrosoft equipment, your trainees will be able to learn the right way to use a fire extinguisher in a friendly and supportive environment. Data tracking of agent or time to extinguish can help improve your trainees expertise. Challenge them by increasing the flammability level of the fuel or the intensity of the flames.

It is time to move beyond the notion of 'Spray and Pray' when extinguishing a fire, and gain true confidence when fighting a blaze.

Traditional Knowledge about Fire Extinguisher Safety... Virtually!

Real-World Fire... Captured in a Virtual World Setting!

Create Custom Fire Scenes

Adjust Difficulty Levels

True Fire Realism

Complete Training Package