Importance of Training

Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire training like most safety training, benefits the employer, the employee and their families by offering practical experience to judge when to fight and when to flee and how to safety and effectively apply extinguishing agent regardless of the setting. According to fire department statistics. More fires are extinguished by individuals using a fire extinguisher or makeshift aid than any other means. 

Sadly, computer learning can only teach you so much. There is a certain knack to using a fire extinguisher and applying the agent the right way is best learned through hands on training with repetition.

Here are a few other benefits of Hands on Fire Extinguisher Training:

  • Like first aid training, fire safety training stays with the student off site, when travelling or at home where most fires occur
  • Simulation can include a wide variety of fire scenes including custom fire scenes involving equipment the employees work with every day
  • Simulation difficulty levels can be adjusted so sweeping becomes essential
  • Simulation fires remain challenging by gradually adjusting the degree of difficulty
  • With simulation, fire training is unaffected by weather delays
  • Training with a Pyrosoft fire simulator meets annual OSHA fire training requirement 1910.157 (g).
The old method of fire extinguisher safety

Traditional fire safety training involved pulling a lever and evacuating the building. Outdoor fire training using a pan had many logistics to consider; outdoor space needs to be procured and cleared, fire pan carefully put into place, fire extinguishers and extra agent delivered, and a burn permit posted.
Environmental concerns were sometimes overlooked.

The Pyrosoft Fire Simulator replaces all that planning

Safe, unlimited indoor fire extinguisher training is available year round. Only four components make up the Pyrosoft fire extinguisher simulator; the fire extinguisher for the trainees to use, the notebook computer for the trainer to set the stage, and the projector and screen. As easy to set up as a PowerPoint presentation!

Leverage Investment in Fire Safety Equipment

Fire extinguishers must be mounted and maintained yet most people are never trained in their proper use. Oftentimes, many trainees first time holding a fire extinguisher is during their Pyrosoft Fire Training class.

Train using realistic features

Using a modified fire extinguisher, trainees will be able to train using realistic tools in this interactive system! Utilizing custom fire scenes, set the stage for known locations as the source of the fire. Apply factors such as flammability of the fuel or effectiveness of the agent! Track your trainees fire extinguishing stats!