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Fire extinguishers are mandated in most jurisdictions and for good reason. They are the most widely used method of extinguishing small fires. Tragically the fact remains that many people are placed in a position of having to decide whether to attempt to extinguish a fire with little to no extinguisher training.


Pyrosoft fire simulators are increasingly being used by fire safety trainers when teaching accepted and proven fire extinguishing techniques and more importantly understanding when and how to respond, in the heat of the moment to save lives and property.

But let's look at what most people already know about extinguishing fires.

In School's...

We all remember from our school years that fire extinguishers came with serious do not touch rules. All fire training consisted of was learning how to exit the building. Even today most staff and students are not trained on fire safety measures beyond pulling the alarm, exiting the building and in dire circumstances, stop drop and roll. Yet fire equipment is still carefully positioned and maintained monthly in the school hallways, just in case someone in authority who has been properly trained happens by at just the right time.

But did that education properly train us for the world outside of school where an informed decision to operate a fire extinguisher must be made in seconds?

In the Workplace...

Today's community and industry standards require most workplaces to adhere to basic fire and safety procedures. Fire equipment is placed in strategic areas and fire wardens are assigned on each floor to ensure people exit the building promptly. Despite the availability of fire extinguishers, if no one in the building has received training should they be attempting to use them anyway? Has anything changed from our high school days?

The Missing Link

School and workplace extinguisher training taught us how to escape fires and place the problem in experts' hands while hoping they arrive in time. The important missing link is training building occupants on how to prepare for fires and properly use the equipment when safe to do so. Small fires become large uncontrollable fires because they are not effectively and safely extinguished in the early stages.

It is this practical training that has been missing or avoided due to the high cost, clean up and environment concerns of training in the traditional fashion using live fire.

The Answer: Indoor zero emission fire safety & extinguisher training

To bridge the gap, Pyrosoft fire simulators eliminate the need for parking lot fires so your staff can be effectively train on extinguisher operation, agent application, fire prevention, evacuation and even home fire safety. Our hands-on training provides a tougher and more realistic challenge for trainees than most “parking lot” training fires. Live fires usually have to be kept small to avoid true danger or too many emissions, presenting little challenge or real life scenarios.

Pyrosoft simulations allow you to customize the size, intensity and location of fires to meet the training level of students while insuring only effective application techniques will work. This means that even your workplace can be simulated creating real life experience for your employees as they attempt to extinguish fire on equipment they work with every day.

How effective is Pyrosoft's fire extinguisher training?

In the U.S., the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes our Fire Simulator as an appropriate replacement for small, live fire training.

Fire extinguishers are a critical component of saving property and lives in the case of a fire emergency.

Learning how to react to a fire emergency, including effective application of the agent is best learned with hands on experience.

That experience can be gained using Pyrosoft Fire Simulation technology without the environmental impact from live training.

Ensure that your organization has the best possible fire safety and extinguisher training possible - contact Pyrosoft today.