Ownership means having the equipment ready whenever you need.

Coordination between departments on training dates, new employee orientation, and community relations all run on their own time schedule.

Your Fire Simulator

Easy to set up, and easy to use with just four key components conveniently stored in a single case.

Your purchase includes a notebook computer, DLP video projector, framed vinyl projection screen and a fire extinguisher.
Software updates are free for the life of the product! Your investment is never obsolete.


  • Notebook Computer - 1 year (Manufacturer's)
  • DLP Video Projector - 1 year (Manufacturer's)
  • Projection Screen Frame - 2 years (Pyrosoft)
  • Fire Extinguisher - 1 year

After Sales Support

  • Free software updates for the life of the system.
  • Call us if you have a problem related to software, hardware or operation.
  • We can identify the problem and either send out an immediate replacement or fix the component usually for free or at a minimum $100 flat rate depending on age of the part.