Training Support

Trainer Support

Pyrosoft is here to assist you before, during and after you train on the Pyrosoft Fire Safety Simulator

Easy Set Up!

Follow these simple steps when setting up your Pyrosoft Simulator

Step One: Unpacking the components

  • After opening the case you will find a projection screen, laptop, video projector, and fire extinguisher.

Step Two: Screen Assembly

  • Unroll the projection screen to reveal two vertical uprights permanently attached at the sides.
  • Place the lower crossbar along the screen border and slip a threaded knob through a mounting foot, through the upright and into the crossbar at either end.
  • Repeat for installing the top crossbar by threading the knob through the upright and into the upper crossbar.

Step Three: Set-up

  • Position the video projector on the floor about .6 meters, (2 feet) behind the screen and connect it to the notebook using the supplied HDMI cable.

Step Four: Ignite your first fire!

  • Power up all components, launch the Crossfire software and click the Training Grounds button to ignite your first fire.

Do you have great instructors that need a fire safety refresher?

Pyrosoft has conducted countless fire safety trainings for over 20 years and we can offer that expertise on call to your training staff, ensuring your fire safety training sessions are off to a great start.

Within a one hour telephone or video call, we can review the simulator set up, and the training materials and script.